Personnel Policy

Management Policy

  1. The Library Board shall select, appoint, and when necessary dismiss the Director of the Library with the approval of the City Council.
  2. The Library Board shall provide an effective orientation for new Directors to assure that the Director understands:
    1. The policies and processes related to the daily operation of the Library
    2. Reporting and budgetary requirements that assure accountability and compliance with the law
    3. The expectations of the Board in regard to administrative processes and protocol, particularly as they relate to conducting effective and efficient  board meetings
    4. Rules and requirements for state certification and any assistance which is provided by the Library to acquire and maintain appropriate certification
  3. The Library Board shall conduct annual appraisals of the Library Director’s performance, at which time personal and management goals can be discussed and negotiated.

Administrative Policy

  1. The person appointed as Library Director shall be charged with the sole administration of the Library.
  2. The Director shall be responsible to the Library Board in matters pertaining to and concerning the Library:
    1. Be present at monthly Board meetings
    2. Prepare and present any requested reports or documents
  3. The Director shall maintain financial records in an efficient manner:
    1. Present periodic reports to the Library Board
    2. Prepare draft of the annual budget to be presented to the Library Board
    3. Assist Trustees with presentation of the adopted request for appropriations to the municipal governing body
  4. The Director shall hold regular meetings with staff and/or volunteers for training and interpreting Board policy.
  5. The Director will be responsible for preparing annual performance assessments for staff and volunteers.
  6. The Director shall have the responsibility for collection development for all materials in the Library; this includes selection, ordering, processing, weeding, and inventory of the collections according to the guidelines in the policy.
  7. The Director will recommend changes in or additions to library policies as needed.
  8. The Director will perform preparatory work to assist the Board with regular library planning.

Work Schedule Policy

  1. Major changes in the Director’s schedule or other circumstances may not be made without approval of the Library Board.
  2. Requests for changes shall be made in writing to the Library Board.

Meetings, Conventions, and Workshops Policy

  1. The Director, staff, and Trustees are encouraged to attend and participate in continuing education activities.
  2. The Director, staff, and Trustees attending continuing education to aid the Library shall be allowed expenses at the discretion of the Library Board according to the amount appropriated in budget for such activities.


Disciplinary Policy

  1. An employee of the Cambridge Memorial Library may be dismissed for any action or behavior that causes the Library’s image or operation to be diminished. This includes but is not limited to:
    1. Incompetence
    2. Misconduct
    3. Inattention to assigned duties
    4. Unapproved absences from work
  2. Normally termination would be a final step which would follow:
    1. A substandard performance appraisal
    2. Verbal and/or written warnings
    3. Suspension
    4. Extended probation
  3. It is important that complete and clear records be maintained of all disciplinary processes for the protection of the employee and the library.
  4. The Library wants each employee to be successful in his or her job, and will work with employees to eliminate deficiencies.
  5. While notice of intent to terminate can be expected, the Cambridge Memorial Library reserves the right to dismiss an employee without notice in cases involving theft, drug or alcohol abuse, criminal activity or in instances of significant misconduct.

Resignation and Retirement Policy

  1. A library employee wishing to resign or retire from employment must notify the Director or the Library Board as soon as possible.
    1. The Library requests the employees give a minimum of two weeks notice
    2. The Library prefers that the Director give a notice of at least one month
  2. Employees must submit a formal, written resignation giving the exact date that employment is to be terminated.
  3. A final performance appraisal will be conducted between the time of notice and the time when employment ends.


Updated: 3/14/2018